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Book Appreciation a’ la Français

How to be Parisian: Wherever You are

I first came across this little posie of a book in a little giftshop in Daylesford. It’s authors, who are all accomplished French authors/editors/producers/fashionistas have created a lovely little world to dip into whenever you want to imagine a more stylish or impossibly cool version of yourself.

The advice they’ve interwoven with little stories and lists, seems driven from a desire to appreciate the Parisian woman with her neurosis as well as style. It’s refreshing given that most written accounts of Parisian or French women paint an impervious ideal – a woman who simply wakes up with perfect hair and a wardrobe full of cashmere. This book mentions more of the internal dialogues we are all so familiar with, while still celebrating the insouciance we’ve come to admire.

So if you’re as obsessed with style a’ la Français as I am, this book is a delight. Since buying it, I’ve been spotting it everywhere, so no doubt you could find it at your local bookstore. You can also buy it online. Here is a link to the book on Readings:

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