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Fresh Stuff at the Little Bird Cafe

The site of the old Bibo Cafe in Ballarat has been given a fresh beginning with the launch of the Little Bird Cafe. Since opening in Dec 2014, the co-owners Jill Bingham and Susan Anderson have brightened the space with a lighter, airer colour scheme, while retaining much of it’s prior retro charm.

The menu is brief, but includes some interesting highlights. My lunch sitting comprised of a tasty Bahn Mai pork belly roll with a generous amount of fresh herbs and a sharp, sweet chilli sauce. The pork was very rich, however the salad cut through most of that.

Naturally my husband and I couldn’t leave without trying the Mac and Cheese Croquettes. They were, as one would hope – light and cheesy with a crunchy crumb. Gooey in the middle. I could definitely order a large plate of them… and scoff them by myself… on the couch… in my pajamas.

LBirdTableThe breakfast menu looks promising too, with house-made sweet and savoury crumpets. If you haven’t had a fresh crumpet before, you really don’t what you’re missing. They’re a whole other beast. A treat I will not be forgoing, now I know where I can get them.

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