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Winter is Coming…

Today I plucked the first apple off our apple tree, heralding the first days of Autumn and the slow slide into Winter. If you’ve noticed, the days are getting shorter and the mornings are acquiring a grey, gloomy edge that tends to provoke melancholy.

But there can be something delicious about melancholy right? You can wallow in it; soak in it till your fingers get pruney. I want to enjoy the cold this year. I’ve found myself stockpiling all my favourite wintry things, as if I were a chipmunk or bear. I suppose this time of year has traditionally been a time of preparation though – but was once about avoiding freezing to death or starving, is now about hot chocolate and fluffy socks 🙂

How do you prepare for the cold? Some people attend Bikram Yoga or buy themselves wool scarves. Some people plan holidays or welcome the influx of hot cross buns. A quick survey among friends revealed a predilection for hot drinks, rain on rooftops and hiding under blankets.

With that in mind, I thought I’d document some things I’m earmarking,


Names and Links:

  1. Rolling Siraz,
  2. Bright Orange Cardigan,
  3. Home Made Scrub,
  4. Lamb Pyjamas,
  5. Purple Channel Lipstick,
  6. Useful by Debra Oswald,
  7. T2 Teapot,
  8. Ugg Boots,
  9. Slow cooker (This one is Sunbeam). You can get them just about anywhere!

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